The Pasadena RiteCare Childhood Language Center provides services to preschool children 18 months to six years.

There are no geographical restrictions, however our focus is on Pasadena  and surrounding communities.

We do not provide long-term services to children who are already receiving therapy, who are eligible for intensive special education services through the public schools, or who have a primary diagnosis other than specific language impairment.

Obtaining Services
Parents may telephone to schedule an evaluation appointment.
Phone number: 626-564-8947
Fax number: 626-564-8056
e-mail: kidstalk @

The Staff:
Office Coordinator: Meghri Habashian

The center is open the full calendar year, Tuesday and Thursday, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

All services are provided free of charge. Tax deductible donations are gladly accepted.

Diagnostic Evaluations
Through gathering background information, observation, and testing, a speech-language pathologist helps to determine your child’s strengths and weaknesses in the areas of speed and language and recommends an appropriate course of treatment.

Speech and Language Therapy
Therapy is provided to children with specific language disorders. The speech-language pathologist works with both the child and caregivers to facilitate the development of more appropriate communication skills.

Children are seen one to three times per week in individual sessions and/or small groups of two. A maximum of 24 months of treatment provided.

Consistent attendance and parent/caregiver observation of all sessions is mandatory.

This program is supported by generous donations from …
The Pasadena Scottish Rite members
Parents, families, and friends of children we serve
as well as grants from…

Ann Peppers Foundation
Enterprise Rent-A-Car Foundation
Glendale Community Foundation
Lluella Morey Murphey Foundation
Pasadena Child Health Foundation
Pasadena Foundation
Pasadena Tournament of Roses Foundation
Ralph M. Parsons Foundation
Weingart Foundation

There are Scottish Rite centers, and special programs for children throughout the United States. The Pasadena Scottish Rite Childhood
Language Center is the thirteenth such center in California.

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