What is a Speech-Language pathologist?

A speech-language pathologist is a specialist in speech and language development and related disorders, educated and trained to evaluate and treat those disorders.

Does my child need an evaluation?
Your child may have a speech and language problem if:

… by age one, he doesn’t cry, babble or pay attention to other voices.
… by age two, she doesn’t understand a small vocabulary and can’t put words together in speech.
… by age three, his speech cannot be understood by family, friends and peers.
… by age four, she doesn’t have a growing vocabulary, use short sentences and make most sounds.
… by age five, he can’t carry a simple conversation, is hard to understand, stutters, or sounds much different from playmates.

Other red flags:

Child is easily frustrated
Child has a short attention span for learning, listening, and/or problem solving
Child has a history of frequent middle ear infections.